Wednesday, 9 September 2015

1001 7" Records You Must Own No.9 Iggy & The Stooges - Raw Power / Search & Destroy

Originally released in Japan only back in '73, this 7" contains the best 2 songs from the 'Raw Power' album, finally re-released in 2013 in the US you can now get it for a much decent-er price. A-side the title track from the album is as good as anything from The Stooges which means very good indeed, however it's the B-Side here that makes this record so worth getting, 'Search And Destroy' is pretty much as good as music can get, it's a song i will never tire of listening to, so ramshackle yet held together by the skin of it's teeth, it paved the way for so many bands and should be held up as the classic song that it is.

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