Tuesday, 8 September 2015

1001 7" Records You Must Own No.8 Hurricane #1 - Just Another Illusion / Touchdown

Hurricane #1? Surely not, well have you ever actually sat and listened to this bands first album and b-sides, if not you can shut it! Hurricane #1 had Andy Bell's excellent songwriting and guitar playing mixed with Alex Lowe's soulful vocals, something which he has never had the full praise for that he deserved. Anyway 'Just Another Illusion' kicks off their debut album and is all John Squire spirally guitar mixed with Charlatans keys and swagger, love it to bits, but it's the b-side 'Touchdown' that could have been a single itself on a 1-sided etched 7" and still made this list, more rocking than the A-side and a song i used to have on constant rotation in the late 90's, it's only 72p on discogs, what are you waiting for!

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