Monday, 23 September 2013

Top 50 of 2012: No.10: The Vaccines - Come Of Age (Columbia)

I never really got The Vaccines, didn’t really listen to any of their records much and always thought of them as a bit of ‘meh’ band, then I saw them live on TV at a festival performing ‘Wetsuit’ from their first album, and it got me hooked, now I really like The Vaccines. Luckily for me, just as I was starting to like them, they released another album, a brilliant album that was actually even better than the first that I was just getting into. Come Of Age kicks off with intent on lead single ‘No Hope’ and for the next 10 songs the band treat you to a gritty punky almost at times grungy mess of catchy tunes, when I say grungy they remind me of bands like Pavement who weren’t really grungey but had some elements, slacker rock probably covers it best.

It might sound trite but this album really does see the bands come of age in their own right, gone are the trashy punky numbers that lack memorability and in their place are songs with choruses you’ll be singing along to before you’ve finished listening to the album. With one good album, and one great album under their belts, all bets are off for this band, however tracks heard recently such as ‘Melody Calling’ show a lack of the recklessness that is the bands charm, fingers crossed that they don’t lose their way.


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