Friday, 27 September 2013

Top 50 of 2012: No.4: While She Sleeps - This is The Six (Search and Destroy)

Sometimes a band shows promise, and you feel that they might become better in future, but even rarer this happens and instead of becoming merely better, the band take things stratospheric, and surpass all expectations, welcome to the new album from While She Sleeps. Previous album(ish) The North Stands For Nothing had some cracking metal songs and its title track had a certain catchiness to it, This Is The Six, melds so many styles and influences together while still keeping a core metal sound but with some of the hugest choruses, and most inventive arrangements heard within the genre. I was watching Download 2012 on the tv the other day and was sad to see so many of the best bands being so old (no offence), and the younger ones were fucking awful, Black Veil Brides (offence), While She Sleeps are up there with Bring Me The Horizon as the future of metal.

While most people I know might balk at listening to a band as heavy as this, I believe they’d still have to agree that songs such as ‘Seven Hills’ have huge crossover appeal. Hopefully with bands like this getting more and more radio play these days, they can go onto bigger and better things, and if you want to keep metal alive, standby up and comers like this.


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