Friday, 27 September 2013

Top 50 of 2012: No.1: Zico Chain - The Devil In Your Heart (Suburban)

So how exactly does a band make it to the top spot on this list? In Zico Chain’s case you just have to release literally the best rock album of the entire year. As a band they’ve been going since around 2004, they released a brilliant debut mini-album and followed this up with at the time a really good album (everything they’ve released prior to this is now considered a warm up) and 2010’s ‘These Birds Will Kill Us All’ EP hinted at a bigger more aggressive sound, what a hint it turned out to be.

So on The Devil In Your Heart, you get everything Zico Chain have worked at so far, Amplified! The choruses which have always been catchy as hell are now stadium sized big, the aggression sounds like someone with roid-rage in full effect, all mix together to create some of the best songs of any bands career. Kicking off with ‘Evasion’ which is truly a statement of intent, showing that the 5 year wait since the ‘Food’ album had been worth it. How they are not huge already since releasing this album I have no idea, when Slash, Duff McKagan and Steve Harris are endorsing your band, more people should be taking notice.

There’s pretty much something for everyone on here and not a single song doesn’t imprint itself into your brain by the end, special mention goes to the adrenaline fuelled ‘Our Evil’ and the heart-breaking ‘Case #44PQ_110807’ inspired literally by the case of Sophie Lancaster, which I urge people to be aware of at The Devil In Your Heart is not only the best british rock album for quite some time, it’s also the sound of band coming into themselves and realising their own limitless potential, the only problem with this album is how the hell they’re going to follow it up.


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