Friday, 27 September 2013

Top 50 of 2012: No.6: Deftones - Koi no Yokan (Reprise)

The Deftones have always been a band with something a bit special, they stood out from the nu-metal pack and pretty much stuck to doing their own thing, and while that genre of music may have catapulted them to bigger things, they’ve always been more than that. Unfortunately lately they seemed to have almost lost their way a little, and while in the past, excitement of a new release was always high, lately it’s become more along the lines of, yeah I’ll get round to listening to it when I have chance, Koi No Yokan makes you excited to listen to the Deftones again, it is literally the most beautiful metal album I’ve ever heard. Chino’s vocals soar like I’ve never heard him before while still occasionally taking it down to the violent screams that he’s famed for, Music wise the riffs are still massive and more inventive than ever, and even bass bringing tracks like ‘Poltergeist’ to a whole new level. So Koi No Yokan it may literally translate to ‘Premonition of Love’ but for me it translates to it being exciting to be a Deftones fan again.


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