Friday, 27 September 2013

Top 50 of 2012: No.3: Hot Water Music - Exister (Rise)

10 years ago, Hot Water Music released ‘Caution’ an album pretty much perfect, twelve tracks of punkrock greatness with huge melodies and heaps of energy, 2 years later they followed it up with ‘The New What Next’ it was not good, things did not get better, they then split. Now after such a long gap they return with ‘Exister’ so is it any good? Well of course it is, it’s the No.3 album of the entire year!! Now this is what they should have followed Caution with, this is 13 tracks of high energy punkrock with the walls of melody and the catchy as fuck tunes that we all knew Hot Water Music were capable of making again.

Lead single ‘Drag My Body’ is a beast of a track, only outdone by closer ‘Paid In Full’ which is the best way to end any album ever, the album is chock full of short sharp bursts of energy and with 13 tracks in under 34 minutes, none of them outstay their welcome, the choice between this album and the two above it was almost impossible to choose, all 3 really deserve the top spot.


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