Saturday, 21 September 2013

Top 50 of 2012: No.15: Green Day - iUno! (Warner Bros)

Having been a Green Day fan since 1994, I’m still not ready to write them off, even after the utter shite that was 21st Century Breakdown I still had faith, then they announced they were to release 3 albums in a year, my hopes were not high. Then I heard Uno, the first of the trilogy and wow, my faith has paid off, this is the album they should have made after American Idiot! Too many huge songs with massive chorus’ to mention but ‘Kill The DJ’. ‘Oh Love’ and ‘Let Yourself Go’ are easily the best, I can imagine the band getting criticism from people saying it’s just Green Day by numbers, well that’s what I fucking wanted personally so I’m glad, unfortunately the other 2 albums weren’t nearly as good as this one, but who cares, this one’s awesome.


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