Friday, 5 July 2013

Future Of The Left - Love Songs For Our Husbands (Prescriptions)

Unlike most dicks who seem to spend way too much on rateyourmusic, I will be writing this review with no reference to the ‘m’ word, mostly because Future Of The Left have accomplished enough and been their own band for 6 bloody years, respec people, Respec! Not sure if this is a precursor to the forthcoming pledge album, or a standalone release, knowing FOTL it’s likely to just be a one off as they do seem to be quite the prolific bunch, but if it’s any indication of what to expect then I can’t wait for my fanboy signed copy of the new album. Kicking off (literally) with ‘The Male Gaze’ it’s FOTL at there best, all angular rhythms and sarcastically spat vocals. Second track ‘Perpetual Motives’ is the first time I’ve ever heard them sound like another band entirely, the track has such an Undertones feel it’s eerie, again knowing FOTL this is highly likely to have been on purpose. ‘The Bisexuality Of Distance’ returns to form and stands up as one of their best, and while closer ‘An Idiot’s Idea Of Ireland’ is again brilliant it’s entirely too short and should have been made into something much bigger. So after 10 minutes of frenetic rock FOTL are spent, readying for their next attack, as the band themselves have put it, It is about TEN MINUTES in length. It is GOOD. If you don’t like it you can FUCK OFF.

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