Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Huw Costin - Something/Nothing (Special Sound Unit)

After hearing Huw Costin’s ’09 album ‘Regrets’ and his previous band Earth The Californian Love Dream, I’ve been waiting with bated breath for more music to appear. Something/Nothing kicks off with quite a depressing number aptly titled ‘Doomed’, however following this ‘Move To The City’ straight away takes you back to the warm melodies that you’d expect from Huw’s previous work. ‘Evergreen’ is full of regret with the kind of lyrics that make you thankful for everything you have. Haunting title track ‘Something/Nothing’ ends the first half of the album perfectly, as things pick up tempo a little in the second half, not always in subject matter however, but more catchy at least. As you’ve guessed by this point, this isn’t much of a sunny album, but since when was good music always happy? Lead single ‘Disconnected’ featuring current and former members of Six By Seven is a stand out track with it’s sweet melodies, leading to closer ‘Butterfly Girls’ a former Earth… b-side, just as beautiful as when it was first released. Overall a beautiful album all round, however one day I hope to hear Mr. Costin’s bad side, the bad side he showed towards the end of his Earth days.

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