Thursday, 18 July 2013

Top 50 of 2012: No.33: We Are The Ocean - Maybe Today, Maybe Tommorrow (Hassle)

Sometimes change is good, for instance We Are The Ocean were a really good band, however with their new album they’ve made a change and transcended into a great band, Sadly that meant removing former vocalist Dan Brown, but the results speak for themselves and the decision was right, because the new material is much tighter and I actually prefer Liam’s vocals. We Are The Ocean are now a more straight forward rock band bringing to mind bands like Brigade, New End Original and even Nirvana at times, and the choruses are huge, just listen to lead single ‘Bleed’ for proof of this. UK rock is seeing a real surge of great bands these days and with songs as huge as ‘Young Heart’ and ‘The Road’ file We Are The Ocean alongside bands like Mallory Knox in the next big thing category.

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