Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Top 50 of 2012: No.39: Kevin Tihista's Red Terror - On This Dark Street (Broken Horse)

2012 does seem to have been the year of the comeback, and none more surprising than Kevin Tihista who seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth 7 years ago, yet suddenly he’s back and in true witty style. 10 brilliant new songs kicking off with the self-destructive tale ‘Taking It To The Streets (Again)’ with my favourite lyric of the year “Now there's a million reasons why she is leaving / number one she hates the fact I am breathing" and throughout the rest of the album he barely takes a step wrong. This is easily my favourite KT album since ‘Don’t Breathe A Word’, because like that album it contains songs brimming with upbeat heartbreak that only Kevin can write, no other song writer manages to put a smile on your face while being so intricate in detail about their life falling apart. I really can’t recommend this album or indeed this artist enough, and amazingly he already has a new album due out, which I have just received and plan to listen to shortly, giddy.

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