Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Ghost Riders In The Sky - Death EP (Pledge)

Another Carter brother flies the Gallows nest, this time with a little less fanfare, judging by their debut EP and Pure Love’s output you’d be shocked that both Carter brothers were in a hardcore band in the first place. Kicking off the EP with ‘Burial Song’ a beautifully catchy female fronted tune that even had my one year old dancing along, you already get the feeling that Ghost Riders are going to be something special. ‘Bonnie & The Clyde The Death’ is the first of the tracks with a male/female duet that interweaves perfectly like Johnny & June gone bluesfolk. ‘Lovely’ is just that, a lovely female vocaled dreamy song if not a tad forgettable, however following that you get the completely unforgettable ‘What Could Be’. Bouncy as hell, the whole song is like one long memorable chorus all finished off with a classic rock’n’roll feel, can’t wait for the album.


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