Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Six. By Seven - Love and Peace and Sympathy (Borrowed Tune Motion Pictures)

6 years since a proper six by seven album release, has it been worth the wait? It barely takes a minute of opener ‘Change’ before this question is soundly answered, finally Chris Olley has recorded a follow up worthy to his opening trilogy of albums, not that the albums since those 3 haven’t been good, but not in the same league sonically. Songs on the new album like ‘Truce’ are almost cinematic in scope, brooding along until it erupts into a fury of guitar, this is music to sit back and listen to, letting it wash over you, and I’ve been hearing more bands creating albums like this these days, this is no background music. You’d be hard pressed to even pick a song from this album if you were to make a mix for someone, because you’d just want to put the whole album on it. Will this be the album that finally propels Chris OIley and Six By Seven to the heights that they’ve always deserved, unfortunately probably not, and that’s whats sucks about being in band these days, so why bother? Everyone has their own answer that question, but listening to an album as good as this, you just need to count yourself lucky that bands like Six By Seven do. Songs gracefully flow throughout the album, songs like ‘Colder’ with it’s repetitive beat and guitar line send you into musical bliss, while ‘Crying’ is as close to having a single as this album gets with its massive chorus and the closest song to sounding upbeat, despite the rather downbeat subject matter. Album closer ‘Fall Into Your Arms’ is the albums heaviest track full of reverb and those repetitive beats, finishing things in a sprawling mess of noise, which really is how all the best albums end. Musical Bliss.

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